2014 is just a few days away and as tradition goes, a few members of the Sight & Sound Productions team took a moment to reflect on the past year. Here is what they had to say:

“I am truly proud of the great team that we have here and the work we have done to build a great foundation to support the continuous growth of the family of companies. A lot of time and work has gone into ensuring that with our growth success, that the integrity of what we stand for never gets forfeited. Our client’s positive experience with our services is and always will be our top priority and we look forward to producing your events in 2014!” - Jon Davis, Owner & CEO

“As I prepare to finish my 9th year with Sight & Sound Productions (where has the time gone?!) it is rewarding to see the number of clients still around today from when I first started. Sight & Sound Productions has had the privilege of being the exclusive event production company of some client’s events for 15+ years. Thank you for letting us continually be a part of your event team!” – Alfredo Garcia, Vice President of Sales

“2013 was one of the biggest professional years of my career with my promotion to Director of Project Management. With Sight & Sound’s growth, the project management department was in need of some re-organizing and Jon Davis, Owner and CEO, awarded me with head of the department. I am excited to be leading a great team of creative people and look forward to producing amazing events!” – Jennifer Trent, Director of Project Management

“We strive to continually improve the event production experience that we provide clients by offering quality equipment operated by professional technicians. Our production team is stronger than ever with three more technicians earning their Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification this past year. Along with holding our team to the highest standard, we also were able to make a big move in the equipment department with some major additions to our inventory. The purchase of two 20,000 lumen Titan 1080p Quad 3D projectors now allows us to provide clients with true HD projection (the only ones doing so in Jacksonville) and a full Nexo Geo S8 audio line array system that provides clear, impactful sound with a smaller footprint. I’m looking forward to working with this stellar team to put lot of exciting events in the next year!”- Dale Bicker, CTS, Technical Director

Earlier in the year I was promoted to marketing manager for the Sight & Sound Productions family of companies and was given the task to head the rebuild of the Sight & Sound Productions and Mugwump Productions websites. This was my favorite project that I was tasked with in 2013 and am extremely happy with the results. The fresh new look as well as the enhanced user experience is just another way we are able to better serve our customers. Go check them out and let us know what you think SSAV.NET and MugwumpProductions.com!” – Victoria Rosenblum, Marketing Manager

Thank you for another remarkable year and we look forward to working with you in 2014. Have a safe and happy New Year!