3 Ways to Modernize Your Next Corporate Event

Creating an event that achieves your company’s goals and captures the interest of attendees can be difficult. Like any live event, it’s imperative to use modern techniques to improve the experience. Top production companies like Sight & Sound know what it takes to achieve all of your professional event goals.


Use Technology to Create an Immersive, Educational Guest Experience

Your next corporate event can quickly stand out from the rest with a few small changes. Take simple event aspects to the next level with the introduction of advanced tech solutions. From out-of-the-box entertainment to stage set-up, it’s more important than ever to modernize important elements of your live event.


1. Capture Guests’ Attention with Vivid Stage Set-Ups

Sight & Sound can do just about anything with lighting, audio visuals and decor. No matter the size or set-up of your corporate event, we recommend thinking beyond the standard podium and curtain backdrop.


Make an impact with integrated lighting. In addition to standard overhead and directional lights, color-changing LED light strips and graphic panels are a huge hit in live event production. It’s crucial to work with an expert to bring your on-stage lighting display to life.


2. Tasteful Photo-Ops Encourage Engagement

It’s often a challenge to entice your attendees to share a post to their social media accounts about the event. One of the most effective (and affordable) ways to develop a buzz online about your company is fun guest posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Use 3D props and elaborate design provided by our sister company, Mugwump, to create an area that entices guests to snap a photo. Designate a branded hashtag for the event and flash it across screens around the venue.


Take it one step further with a mobile LED screen located in a focal point of the venue. Display a feed of attendee photos on the screen to encourage viewers to post using the hashtag.


3. Introduce Team Building Opportunities Attendees Will Actually Enjoy

Interrupt the professional flow of your corporate event with fun activities like an escape room, jumbo jenga and flash trivia rounds. Selecting games that require team engagement in a natural way encourages guests to break out of their comfort zone.


One of the primary hurdles is finding the right props to make the entertainment possible. Sight & Sound is one of the only production companies with the resources and expertise to bring these niche activities to life.


Work With Event Experts to Make the Most of Modern Techniques

Exciting event ideas are useless without the right methods of execution. Whether your corporate event has 50 attendees or 500, working with the leading event providers in Jacksonville will be the difference between average and extraordinary.

Reach out to the Sight & Sound event professionals today to get started on your upcoming corporate event.

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