Audio Visual Dos and Don’ts from the Experts

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Coordinating the audio visual and lighting equipment isn’t quite as exciting as selecting the event theme and making food choices, but it is just as important. Renting video equipment is the easiest and most-cost effective AV solution for events of any size. If you’re anything like many of our clients, you have no idea where to begin in equipping your event with the right technology.

We’re here to help every step of the way. The Sight & Sound AV professionals have decades of experience in full-circle tech set up for events of every scale. Take a look at our expert advice on all things audio visual.



DO inquire about ‘rigging points’ if you plan to use any equipment that hangs from the ceiling. Your expert event planner will know if the planned lighting, speakers, projectors or decor requires rigging points.  

DON’T sign paperwork or put down a deposit at a venue without talking to your AV equipment provider. Your audio visual expert should review the contract to make sure it will accommodate all of your technology needs.

Bonus Tip: One of the great aspects of working with Sight & Sound is that renting AV equipment and hiring an event planner is done all in one place. Our planners are experts in the arena of AV rentals and set up.

DO make sure your AV provider has adequate time before and after the event to set up and tear down the equipment. If you forget about this small recommendation, it could cost you in fees later on. Talk with your AV provider about how much time they need.

DON’T neglect to tour the venue with your AV team. Audio visual and lighting professionals can identify areas of the space that might affect your event -- control-room access, contracts, backup generators. Bring someone along who knows the right questions to ask.

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Equipment Selection

DO research and inquire about the latest trends in audio visual and lighting equipment. Exciting technology like LED screens can make a huge impact on your event experience.

DON’T forget about all of the exciting lighting options available for your event. From string lights to logo projection, lighting is a great way to customize the venue space. Check out our event lighting portfolio for inspiration.

DO work with a lighting expert to incorporate up-lighting throughout the venue. This is an affordable, effective way to set the tone for the event. Careful consideration should go into the color and brightness selection for all of your lighting choices.

DON’T make a rough estimate on the number of power outlets your event will require. This is an easily avoidable day-of mishap that can cause major problems. Just another reason it’s so important to bring an AV specialist to the venue walk-through.


Ensure Your Event’s Success and Work With Jacksonville’s AV Experts

The best way to avoid any confusion when renting video equipment is to partner with an AV provider in the early planning stages. Common lighting and AV mistakes can be easily avoided when you have the right people in your corner.

Ready to get started on your next event? Contact our Sight & Sound team to discuss all of your planning, AV and lighting needs.

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