How To Pick The Best Microphone For Your Event

One of the most overlooked items on the checklist for themed events is the type of microphone each speaker and entertainer should use. Between classic wired mics to modern and convenient lapels, the right amplification set-up often requires the guidance of a professional. If you’re at a loss on your next step for sound set-up, the Sight & Sound AV pros in Jacksonville are here to help.



This is your best option if concealed amplification is the primary goal. Clip-on microphones easily hide under the clothes of the speaker and do a great job of masking background noise. This microphone choice is an affordable rental option for events of all sizes and goals. From intimate luncheons to large-scale galas, lavalier/lapel microphones provide the amplification you need with none of the fussy wires or chaotic stage set-ups.

On the other hand, lavalier/lapel microphones aren’t the best choice for top-of-the-line sound. Because they’re most commonly hidden under layers of clothing, the sound can become distorted.


Modern headset microphones are nothing like their bulky, unappealing predecessors. Many professional sound technicians favor this mic configuration for its sound quality and ease of use. Streamlined single-ear and wireframe models are barely noticeable and considered comfortable by most wearers.

Some speakers and performers at themed events steer clear of this option because it feels too “show business” compared to lavalier and shotgun models. It’s always smart to check with your entertainment and speakers before choosing the mic set-up.


This is one of the most popular microphone options on the market for Jacksonville themed events. Its design pays homage to the original wired microphone (sans the potential trip hazard.) Handheld wireless mics are a great choice for speakers and performers who don’t require a podium or use other equipment while on stage.

Unfortunately, this option isn’t great for all event set-ups. If you need amplification for a musical group or a speaker who uses notes, handheld mics probably aren’t the smartest choice.



This traditional sound amplification option is still a staple for events today. Wired handheld microphones never pose the risk of running out of battery, provide reliable sound for events of all sizes and can be propped on a mic stand for easy use.

Many event organizers and sound professionals have graduated from wired microphones for a few reasons. Along with the limited mobility for the speaker, wired mics can be an on-stage distraction depending on your event set-up. If the performer likes to move around on stage, we recommend considering one of the reliable wireless options.


No two themed events are the same. The sound and audio requirements for your upcoming event will certainly differ from any gathering you organized in the past. The Sight & Sound professionals consider your venue, audience size and entertainment line-up to choose the right microphone configuration for you.

Need some expert guidance for your event? We’re here to help. Contact the Sight & Sound team today.

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