Screens vs. Monitors: What Does Your Event Need?

Technology set-up for your event is just as important (if not more important) than the food, venue and decor selections. Tech can make or break modern-day themed events of any size. But don’t fret, because Jacksonville’s audio visual experts are here with everything you need to know. If you’re unsure whether screens or monitors are the best fit for your event, we’ve gathered all of the information to help make your decision easier.


Better for Large Groups

Projectors and screens are perfect for displaying content to hundreds and thousands of people at once. Companies often opt for projection screens when hosting themed events in large convention centers or hotels.

Great for Presentations

Projectors have displayed beautiful presentations to large audiences for decades. If your themed event is in a dimly lit venue that can project without obstruction, projector screens might be just the answer. A projection screen’s ability to display high-quality images to large rooms makes them perfect for company-sponsored themed events.

Wide Screen Formatting Requirements

One potential downside of screens is their display requirements. The content you produce for the event must fit within the specific format of wide screen displays. You don’t want your images and videos to look distorted or cropped when displaying to your audience, so it’s crucial to seek the advice of AV experts.


Better for Small Groups

TV monitors typically range in size from 22” to 80” which makes them perfect for booths and small-scale events. Monitors can be mounted to the wall or placed on stands to stay within view of all your attendees. Themed events with 20-150 attendees are ideal for monitor configuration.

Audiences are within Close Proximity

Small groups often mean smaller venue spaces, which is perfect for the use of monitors. One-to-four monitors are great for small audiences, while five or more can overwhelm groups. If you feel the need for more monitors, this is a clear sign to switch to screens.

Higher Resolution and Image Quality

4K monitor rentals are the perfect way to display presentations, video and important messages at themed events. It’s important to partner with AV professionals to ensure all of your content fits the requirements of high-quality display monitors.


Our audio-visual technicians, production specialists and event planners all work together to create beautiful themed events of all sizes. Some of the decisions you must make during the event planning process are tough. Make confident choices with the help of Jacksonville’s leading event professionals. Contact the Sight & Sound team today to get started.

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