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5 Tips to Keep Your Virtual Attendees Engaged

When planning your virtual event, it should be noted that online attention spans are a lot shorter. To accommodate this, session times should be limited to around 25-30 minutes or at least add interactive elements to longer sessions.

4 Great Outdoor Corporate Event Ideas

Outdoor corporate events are a fantastic way to bring people together in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. This format has grown in popularity over the past several months as our colleagues and friends are increasingly likely to get together outside with the additional

Virtual Event Guide for Virtual Events, Hybrid Events, Livestream Event Production Florida - Based in Jacksonville and Daytona Beach FL

Virtual Event Planning 101: Getting Started

Jacksonville Florida's leading virtual event production company shares the most important factors required to execute virtual events with the same professionalism and organization they include for in-person and hybrid events.


How we transformed an in-person gala to a virtual event

Sight & Sound Productions (SSAV) recently had the honor of hosting and producing the first-ever Jay Fund Virtual Celebrity Gala! We converted a portion of our warehouse into a production studio to give our dear

Virtual Event Planning: Everything You Need to Know

Planning virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. As events around the world shift to reflect the new regulations and restrictions from COVID-19, virtual events offer a way to connect and move forward. We


5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Virtual Event Production Company

With many in-person events on hold for the foreseeable future, companies are seeking to transition new events online. Thankfully, virtual events aren’t limited to Zoom calls. With the right virtual events company, your virtual event


Capture Live Events with Quality Video Recording

With the necessity to move events online, quality video recording matters more than ever. Capitalize on your live online events by extending their life with video recording. At Sight & Sound Productions, we specialize in


Make Your Live Streaming Event a Success

Live streaming grew in popularity over the last few years. Adoption of this trend developed due to the versatility of allowing people to remotely participate in events from anywhere. Even with limited budgets or travel


AV Terms You Need to Know

Planning an event with no knowledge of shop talk can be intimidating. A basic understanding of event terminology aids in decision making, budget discussions and prioritization. The Sight & Sound professionals are here to ease


Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Event Speakers Safe and Healthy

The world as we know it is changing every day. While we’re currently in a season of social distancing and extreme safety precautions, we will one day be back to sharing experiences with our friends


5 Steps to Host a Successful Virtual Event

Virtual events are the way of the future - connecting people to one another across the country and the world, even from the comfort of their own homes. Hosting an event, whether internally for your

To Our Valued Clients

Our Valued Clients, As we all navigate the upcoming weeks and months, we wanted to let you know that Sight & Sound and Mugwump Productions is here. We know things are going to be fluid


Why do AV Companies Ask So Many Questions?

The answer is simple but the explanation is important -- we ask you crucial questions during the planning phase so we can deliver the best equipment and AV solutions to fit your needs. Our team


3 Ways to Modernize Your Next Corporate Event

Creating an event that achieves your company’s goals and captures the interest of attendees can be difficult. Like any live event, it’s imperative to use modern techniques to improve the experience. Top production companies like


How To: Improve Engagement At Your Event

Large-scale event technology and offerings evolve immensely every single year. Event attendees expect certain amenities in 2019 that just weren’t around a few years ago. From live streaming options to interactive photo booths, tech


Things To Consider When Throwing A Large-Scale Corporate Event

One of the most overwhelming commitments you could make is to plan a large corporate event for your company. If you’re in charge of this important project, your best option is to partner with a


5 Ways To Use Lighting At Your Event

Nothing quite compares to a perfectly illuminated event filled with beautiful decor and cheerful attendees. One of the most crucial aspects of corporate events is the type of lighting you use throughout the venue. It’s


Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Event Production?

When prominent companies around Jacksonville decide to throw a party, they typically go big and bold in every aspect. From ornate tablescapes to unparalleled event production, it’s more exciting than ever to bring a corporate

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