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Speaker Rental Jacksonville FloridaWe have all on your event planning speaker and sound rental needs covered.

Depending on the amount of people that will be attending your event, the size of the venue/room, or if your event is being held indoors or outdoor, different sound requirements are needed.

For any small to medium sized events, a powered speaker set up is likely to fit your needs perfectly.  Powered speakers allow for compact fulfillment of your small or medium sized PA needs. For larger events and concerts, we have several options to satisfy your sound requirements for any sized room, outdoor event, or arena.

To make your event heard, we come equipped with up to 120,000 watts of concert power! This is supplied by our Nexo system line array speakers, our 850’s and our XLC tower speakers.

Fill out a contact form below or give us a call at (904) 645-7880 to speak with one of our event planning specialists to help you find the best speaker solution for your event.


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