How Technology Is Changing the Way We Treat Event Production

It’s no longer enough to ask attendees to sit through a typical slideshow in a dark room. Serious AV experts use advanced technology to take event production to the next level. Sight & Sound Productions is at the forefront of event technology and strategy. We use these tactics to scale and invigorate events for clients of all budgets. Take a look at our favorite tech advancements to reach Jacksonville in recent years. 

Projection Mapping Creates an Experience Like No Other

Just picture walking into a venue that transports you to another world. Instead of picking up a pamphlet and grabbing your seat, you’re immediately greeted by something far more welcoming. The sound of crashing waves, the smell of salt air and a beautiful view of the Mediterranean coastline immediately change your outlook on the conference to come. 


Of course, you aren’t actually in Italy. Projection mapping allows top-notch production experts to use technology and light to transform a space. Walls and common objects become interactive, multi-dimensional displays. Add colors, textures, branding and feelings to any venue you choose.

5G Strengthens Individual Connectivity and Event Infrastructure

This new high-speed network brings an abundance of growth potential to networking opportunities and large-scale events. 5G offers clear benefits to companies that host events in large conference centers with hundreds of attendees. 


Along with eliminating the stress of a slow wifi connection for attendees, 5G enables event organizers to better communicate with attendees. From speaker line-ups to safety protocol, the hotel, conference center and event industries solve many problems with the introduction of a 5G network. 

Event Diagramming is Key to Scaling Complex Productions

With new technologies come grander events. Event diagrams map the progression of an event on a microscopic level. Diagramming technologies allow professional planners and production experts to fulfill every planned aspect and avoid obstacles. 



An event flow is crucial to the success of events of all sizes. One of the main reasons individuals and companies hire an expert is because there are so many moving parts during an event. The Sight & Sound team uses event diagrams to keep speakers on track, attendees engaged and the budget intact. 

A Great Event Production Requires the Expertise of Sight & Sound

Over 20 years in the production industry proves our ability to implement the latest tech trends. From live streaming on Facebook to the importance of social media buzz walls, it’s our job to implement forward-thinking strategies into your event. 


We’re here to help you navigate the complicated world of event production. When you’re ready to get started on your next project, Sight & Sound is here to help


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