Over the holidays Sight & Sound Productions' event planners, produced the Countdown To The Centennial event in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

The Jacoby Hall in Jacksonville hosted 3,500 event goers who were there to celebrate the upcoming 100-year milestone of The Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ).

The event was intended to have an upbeat, inspirational tone and wanted people leaving in awe of the memorable experience. To accomplish this high impact effect, a 12.5’ X 21’ screen was flown above the stage that displayed stunning HD photos, speakers, and performers which was all made possible with our new 1080p Titan projector. By flying these concert production elements, the stage has a clean look allowing event performers to be the center of attention.

The grand finale did not disappoint with giant confetti cannons blanking the audience with confetti leaving everyone in high spirits and excited for the upcoming July 27, 2014 celebration.

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