Light Up Your Event with These Lighting Design Ideas

Event lighting selection is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the planning process. What your guests see upon entering an area completely affects how they feel for the duration of the gathering. In fact, the overall sights are so essential that we even put it in our company’s name.

The lighting and audio visual experts on the Sight & Sound team have mastered a thing or two over the past few decades. One of our areas of expertise is strategic lighting design. From small ceremonies to large corporate galas, we have a few expert techniques to set the right mood and make the most of your event space.

Use Uplighting to Elevate the Appearance of Pipe and Drape

A great way to disguise unsightly aspects of a room and set the tone for your event is to combine fabric panels with strategic uplighting. “Pipe and drape” is the technical term for the beautiful fabric treatments you see at events of all kinds. We partner with our sister company, Mugwump Productions, to provide fabric treatments in many different colors and sizes.

Use white, black or sheer fabrics with elegant uplighting to draw your guests into the experience. This is a classic event lighting option that’s perfect for professional and casual occasions alike. It’s important to partner with a lighting professional to ensure safe and precise setup. The Sight & Sound team loves fabric treatments and uplighting for large indoor events like corporate dinners, awards galas and weddings.

Gobos Lighting Creates the Atmosphere You Imagine

Have you ever seen logos projected on a wall or fun patterns floating around a room? Those lighting stencils are called Gobos. The design, pattern or phrase of your choosing is placed in front of a light source to control what’s projected around your event. This is one of our team’s favorite ways to customize events of any kind.

We love working with companies or individuals to use this lighting choice to add another layer to their event. Gobos lighting is a great way to promote your brand at a corporate event, make a wedding even more elegant and countless other customization benefits.

String Lights Set a Whimsical Tone for Any Event

We’ve seen this event lighting option increasingly grow in popularity over the last few years. While string lights may have gained notoriety primarily for outdoor weddings, the Sight & Sound team now incorporates this lighting choice into indoor and outdoor events of every kind.

String lights are completely customizable to your preferences, the theme and the size of the event space. These lights are a great way to set the mood for the evening -- whether that’s an intimate wedding ceremony or a reverent awards gala.

Partner With Sight & Sound to Create a Custom Lighting Experience

The event lighting you choose completely sets the stage for your guest’s experience. It’s imperative to work with local lighting experts with a reputation for professionalism, creativity and outstanding service.

Sight & Sound Productions has proudly served the Jacksonville community and surrounding areas for over 30 years. We look forward to taking care of all of your lighting and audio visual needs for your next event. Reach out to us here to begin the planning process.

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