Microphone rentals

Having more than a small gathering may require the rental of av equipment including microphones and speakers.

Sight & Sound Productions’ rental department has your audio visual rental needs covered! Best part, we will help you decide what your av needs are, come set up the equipment, show you how to use it, and come pick up the equipment once you are finished with it. How simple is that?There are many microphone rental options available. To help you have a better understanding of the basic options available, we have outlined them for you here:

Lavalier Microphone Rental

Lavalier microphones are hands free and clip discreetly on a presenter’s collar. This allows for a hands free experience, which is great for someone who will be using a wireless presenter to navigate their PowerPoint (or other type of presentation).

Hand Held Microphone Rental

Hand held microphones have the option of being wireless or wired. This type of microphone is recommended when it is being used in a loud environment because it allows for your voice to be more directional into the microphone. Another benefit is one microphone can accommodate multiple people. The microphone can easily be passed around a stage for different presenters to use and is also great for audience Q&A.

Headset Microphone Rental

Headset microphones are the ones that hang over your ear and are great for very active performers such as a Zumba class or theatrical work.

No worries if you are not sure what microphone will work best for your event. Give us as call and one of our expert team members will help you get the necessary equipment to make your event a success!