Mobile LED Screens are the Next Big Thing for Outdoor Events

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Outdoor events are often a small step behind indoor event amenities and technology. Attendees of indoor events like conferences, trade shows and concerts have grown to expect modern conveniences to be present. From interactive LED screens to event-wide WiFi, it’s time to implement full service event production for indoor and outdoor events.


3 Clear Reasons to Implement LED Screens


You’re probably thinking of all the reasons LED screens are “too difficult” to use during your next outdoor event. The Sight & Sound event production experts are here to tell you that’s not the case. As a full service event production company, we take care of every single aspect so you don’t have to.


Display Options to Accommodate the Event


LED screens come in different shapes, sizes and capabilities to seamlessly integrate with the details of your outdoor event. Our team uses event specifics like location, access to power sources and display needs to help you decide which LED screen is best.


Common LED display options include mobile screens mounted to a vehicle and strategically placed stationary screens. Vehicle-mounted screens are great for outdoor venues with limited power sources or unstable grounds. Stationary screens typically take up less space, look sleek and can even be a touchscreen for an interactive guest experience.


Advanced LED Technology Brings Your Event to Life


LED screens are the absolute best option for outdoor events. Advanced LED technology perfectly displays a screen, even when placed in the direct sunlight. The countless pixels work together to display any image at a brightness that’s over 2.5 times brighter than sunlight.


Another perk of using LED screens at your outdoor event is the unparalleled durability. Modern screens, like the ones provided by Sight & Sound, can withstand rain, wind and intense heat. The incredible stability of each screen can stand up to the force of an 80-mile-per-hour fastball, which makes them the perfect option for bustling outdoor events.


Create an Unbelievable Experience for Your Guests


Digital imagery and interactive screens bring outdoor events into the twenty-first century. The introduction of powerful LED screens to the world of outdoor event planning is a game-changer. Implementing LED screens is a simple way to provide attendees with vital event information, directions and entertainment.


Another great selling point for mobile LED screens is accessibility. Minimal set-up requirements and ease of use make using the screens an easy choice.


Take Your Event to the Next Level with Mobile LED Screens


The primary goal when planning an event is to maximize the guest experience, and that’s exactly what LED screens will do. Captivate a crowd and engage attendees with features like a live camera feed, light shows and paid advertising space.


When it comes to enhancing the outdoor event experience, there’s simply no comparison. LED screens provide long-distance visibility and customization options unlike anything else. Take advantage of enhancements in technology and use these screens to increase advertising revenue and reduce the amount of staff needed.

Talk with the event production professionals at Sight & Sound to enhance your outdoor event with mobile LED screens.

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