Planning a Corporate Event? 3 Steps You Can’t Overlook


When you leave the house you have to run through a checklist. “Do I have my keys, wallet, phone, sunglasses, etc.?” The feeling you forgot something is the worst, especially when it’s an event where your plan needs to impress. As corporate event planners, we remember every little detail of your event so you don’t have to. We consider the smallest details that are often overlooked. Although we have the experience and knowledge to make your event go as planned, there are a few key aspects of planning that require your participation. Our team of audio visual technicians and specialists focus on creating events that exceed client expectations and make each event better than the last. Here’s a checklist of items that are easily forgettable and extremely important:


Important Details of Your Corporate Event




When preparing for a corporate event, it’s top priority to map out the logistics. How will the evening progress? How many people can fit within the venue space? Where will the speakers stand? How many microphones and speakers will you need? These are just a few of the crucial details that can make or break an event. While we communicate with the venue and any additional vendors, it’s still important for you to mention every event detail to our team. Common event details that are often left out of the discussion:

  • If different event speakers plan to show presentations in different file formats
  • Large event spaces often call for multiple screens so people in the back can still see the presentations



Communication is the glue that holds your corporate event together. A few items to consider:


  • Points of contact at the event
  • Presenters communication
  • Sponsor communication
  • Volunteer communication
  • Communication with attendees


There are countless moving pieces that go into hosting a corporate event. In order to make sure the event goes off without a hitch, we suggest forming a detailed communication plan. This communication plan should clearly highlight the main points of contact for the duration of the event and how your company will communicate with every speaker and vendor.


Start and Finish Strong

Good event planners think through the details of the party or speaking event; great event planners consider the process to set-up and tear down, too. We’re a full-service production company that specializes in making events come to life all around Florida, which means we handle the beginning, middle and end. We’re committed to excellence, and that involves beginning and ending every event safely and efficiently. Important safety precautions that can’t be overlooked during the set-up and tear down:


  • All cables/cords must be either taped down or have cable ramps over them to prevent any potential tripping hazard
  • All hanging projectors, lighting, signage, etc. is properly installed by a qualified rigger
  • Stage sets and props are securely fastened to the ground 

As corporate event planners and AV specialists, we invest our knowledge and resources into ensuring no detail is overlooked. Our technical expertise combined with the creative services of our decor brand, Mugwump Productions, allows us to excel as corporate event planners in Florida and beyond. From awards galas to luncheons and everything in between, our team is here to work through the details that bring your event to life.

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