Audio Visual Services for the PORTS® Dedication Ceremony were provided by local event production company, Sight & Sound Productions

Directors from NOAA, the Jacksonville Marine Transportation Exchange, and the Jacksonville Port Authority gathered at the River City Brewery to dedicate a new Marine data retrieval system (PORTS®) to improve the safety of Jacksonville’s Ports and Nautical Traffic.

Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System (PORTS®) gathers information from sensors that are strategically placed to determine air gaps between bridges and the water below, the saline concentration in the water, the measurements of currents, and the winds. All of information is constantly refreshed and transmitted so that anyone can access the real-time status of all the previously listed information via the Internet (including one’s cell phone) or a toll-free call.

Jacksonville’s Port Draws $19 Billion into the US every year and provides roughly 65,000 jobs for people directly and circuitously. Jacksonville also has the second largest Port in the United States. With this investment into marine safety, The Jacksonville Port will be a more desirable destination for freight exchange and tourism.

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