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Want to make sure all of your attendees have the best seat in the house? We are here to figure out what AV you need and will execute on event day with professionalism and care.

Event Production Done Right

Planning a sales meeting, awards galas, conference, groundbreaking, or something similar, and need an AV production partner? You’re in the right place.

We are a live event production company that has the experience of not only the av gear, but the best way to execute. Also, lot of work goes into planning an event and you shouldn’t have to worry about your audio-visual production company.

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Creative Planning

Every year you are asked to bring “new”, “creative”, “wow” ideas to the table. We are here to help with fresh ideas and help make you look like the rockstar you are.

AV Gear Guidance

You have a vision; we are here to engineer the correct AV gear to make it happen.

Room Layouts

Your venue is selected, but where should everything go for the best flow of people and be sure everyone can see? We’ve got you covered.

Stage Designs

LED walls, hard sets, props, drape… so many awesome options!

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Julie Jacob, Florida Blue

The SSAV team always does an excellent job working with us on our corporate events. They’ve become great partners and good friends!

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We provide all the audio-visual production you need to execute your events. Everything from speakers, projectors, screens, lighting, LED walls, stage sets, switchers, projectors, mics, converters, and laptops.


We provide the team that will build your entire event and manage all the AV production (and even the décor) from start to finish. Sight & Sound Productions’ main objective is to give you a kick ass event while working with awesome people.


You have rough ideas of what you want the event to look like and need an AV team to make those ideas happen. Work with creative, passionate event people like us to give you ideas, best practices, and expertise to execute an awesome event.


We will gather some basic contact info and event details.


You are matched with a project manager based on availability and event specialty.


Your project manager will reach out and dive into the planning process.


Next, a proposal will be created and reviewed with you virtually or in-person.


Contracts are signed, deposits are sent, date & gear is are reserved.


You host an incredible event, and everyone loves you!

Learn more about our planning process

Why work with us?

Kristin Keen from Rethreaded shares her experience partnering with Sight & Sound Productions on Rethreaded’s most important event of the year.

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Our entire team appreciates the focus and dedication Sight & Sound brings to our meeting, and you all remain an important asset to ensuring everything from an AV perspective goes smoothly. Even getting stuck in an elevator couldn’t detour the team on-site. Talk about dedication!

Jamie Fowler, PGA tour HQ

Brooks Rehabilitation has worked with Sight & Sound and Mugwump Productions for many years. We rely on their expertise and creativity to create remarkable experiences for our event attendees. They are more than vendors for Brooks, we value them as partners, and look forward to our future endeavors.

Rhea Harris, Brooks Rehabilitation

The SSAV team always does an excellent job working with us on our corporate events. They’ve become great partners and good friends!

Julie Jacob, Florida Blue

SSAV is a top-notch team of AV professionals. I have been personally working them for several years. Our conference program is demanding due to breakout sessions and other fast-changing aspects. We were forced to use another provider a couple of years ago and immediately realized how good SSAV really is. We immediately informed the hotel we would be bringing our own provider (SSAV) in moving forward.

David Pesko, NAPCO Media

Sight & Sound has been great to work with! The team is amazing…true professionals in talent, professionalism, customer service and all-around wonderful people.

Julie Wohlers, CSG International

WOW! A huge thank you to our very favorite event partner, Sight & Sound and Mugwump Productions!  The room was amazing, the theme was perfect and a true WOW to all.  Thank you for all your continued support!

Nicole Chapman, Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association

Time and time again, Sight & Sound has knocked it out of the park! They carry our project from start to finish, asking the right questions to make sure all bases are covered and producing a phenomenal product that makes me proud to put my name on it.

Rachel Stigge, Mayo Clinic Events

Many thanks to the Sight & Sound team for supporting what was an awesome event. I really appreciated when one of the team members saw what was happening and delivered a microphone that we didn’t predict we needed. You guys think of everything, and I really appreciated his initiative to step in and make sure the experience was exceptional from start to finish.

Tracy Pierce, Duval Schools

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