The Best Kept Secrets for Event Production in Jacksonville


Throwing an impressive event of any size is incredibly difficult for most people. Between the countless vendors you have to coordinate and the stressful budget you must follow, event production is a full-time job in itself. Jacksonville is a massive city with a million options when it comes to event spaces and vendors. Depending on how you look at it, this could be an incredible pro or a massive con. Take a look at the Sight & Sound team’s top secrets we use when planning a local event. 

Large Corporate Events Call for Custom Props and Decor 

Custom creations for your upcoming event are one thing you just can’t buy on Amazon. If your goal is to throw a party or gathering your guests will talk about for years, then branded decor features are a must. 


One of our favorite ways to personalize the venue is to illuminate your company logo on the floor and walls. The Sight & Sound team uses top-quality Gobos lighting in any design, color and size of your choice to project your messaging around the space. 


Another great way to customize the venue is to invest in personalized charging stations. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness and the venue will benefit from the custom hi-tech touch. Whether you want to show off your logo or communicate certain messaging, our custom charging stations are perfect for just about any event.

Event Planners Ease the Communication Process with Your Venue

No matter the purpose of the event, many hosts initially think they can skip the expense of an event planner. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming wedding, awards gala or luncheon, it’s crucial to have a professional in your corner. 


It’s the job of a planner to make sure every aspect of your event production goes off without a hitch. Every aspect of an event has the potential to cause stress and confusion. When you hire a top event planner in Jacksonville, you no longer need to worry about what could go wrong. 


Not only will you benefit from hiring a planner, but your venue will appreciate the benefits of working with a local professional. Venue coordinators and managers enjoy working with the Sight & Sound team for our professionalism, local expertise and stellar communication. 

Experience the Benefits of 20+ Years in the Event Production Industry

We take event production, design and planning very seriously. Our five-star reputation in the Jacksonville community is built on honesty, courtesy and industry knowledge. We love creating events of all types, sizes and budgets for clients just like you. 


Are you ready to get started on your next event? We’re here to help. Reach out to the Sight & Sound event production professionals with any questions. 

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