Virtual events are here to stay. As events around the world shift to reflect the regulations and restrictions from COVID-19, virtual events offer a way to connect and move forward. We believe even after this current challenge is behind us, the convenience of virtual events will transform them into a mainstay of event production.


Types of Virtual Events

A virtual event doesn’t have to be 100% online. We offer event production with the flexibility to meet your needs.



Fully Virtual

An event where individuals experience the event and its content online rather

than in-person.



An event that has attendees both physically present in-person and virtually online.



An event with all components held in-person at a physical location with the option for a video recording of the event.


Reasons to Host a Virtual Event

Whether you prefer a virtual event or simply don’t want to cancel an existing event where local restrictions prevent gathering, virtual events offer many benefits.


  • Your event’s purpose is important and needs to move forward.
  • Virtual events are easier than you may think. With the right professional support, they become even easier.
  • Guests get a front row seat to your event from anywhere. Plus, you can reach a wider audience online.


What is Takes to Host a Virtual Event

Much of the process and equipment to host a virtual event matches that of in-person events. You want to execute virtual events with the same professionalism and organization you would prioritize for any event. This includes professional equipment, organization, production and participation.


Equipment and Software for Virtual Event Production

At Sight & Sound Productions (SSAV), we use the best equipment and software operated by our highly-trained and expert technicians.



  • Streaming Platform – We work with you to recommend the most reliable platform for your unique event needs
  • AV Equipment
    • Cameras
    • TV’s and Monitors
    • Microphones and Audio Equipment
    • Switcher
    • Streaming Software
  • Staging and Props
    • Elevate the typical virtual event with a professional backdrop that’s cohesive with your event or company branding.
    • Staging and props are a great way to translate sponsorships into virtual events.


Our Safety Guidelines for Equipment

  • We disinfect all equipment prior to any client interaction during the event. We also clean all equipment before transporting the equipment on-site to your event.
  • Employees cannot leave a load-in job site until the completion of the disinfection process in its entirety. Also, they must receive approval from the Project Manager or Lead Technician.
  • Clients cannot interact with the equipment until disinfection completion and notation.
  • Before gear removal from the truck, we mist or fog all equipment. Then, the solution sits for at least 30 minutes. After that time, the crew wipes off the equipment in a secure area of the loading zone before scanning it back in and returning it to its proper location.


How to Make Virtual Events Work for You

We understand the challenge of shifting to virtual events. You don’t want to waste your time or money on events that don’t achieve your goals. However, we’ve seen firsthand the success of many different types of virtual events. In fact, with the increased reach and audience participation, many virtual events are opening the doors to previously untapped participants.


Get Your Message Across

With over 300 ways to organize your virtual event, you can tailor the experience to fit your target audience. We not only make sure your message is communicated, but that it also reaches the audience in the best format for clear understanding. We use the best equipment and software to facilitate interaction between the speaker and audience. With virtual events, you can still have chat, breakout rooms, polls and voting options to help create connection.



Replicate the Live Event Experience Virtually

We can replicate almost all the elements typical in a live event for a virtual event. These include: live show, pre-recorded videos, PowerPoint slide presentations and speakers. In fact, most of the preparation is very similar. The biggest difference is the way the audience receives the event. It’s also a great time to get creative and supplement in-person only items into something new.


Plan a Safe and Effective Event

Engage everyone involved with the event, including vendors, to showcase their safety precautions. We all want to protect our reputations and provide a safe environment for our team, presenters, attendees and everyone else involved in the event. Don’t just assume safety is happening, ask for plans and procedures. Events can happen safely and effectively if everyone involved acts responsibly and does their part.


Pivot Your In-Person Event to Virtual

At SSAV, we make it easy to shift your event from in-person to virtual. You don’t have to let uncertainty and ever-changing restrictions stop your progress. We are here to help you move forward.


Contact SSAV to discuss your virtual event needs!