What Not to Wear on Stage

The last thing event speakers want to do is show excessive sweat or blend in with the backdrop. It’s crucial to choose an ensemble that appeals to your audience but doesn’t take away from the presentation. While full service event production companies prioritize the technical and logistical set-up of your event, we also know a thing or two about wardrobe choices for corporate speaking engagements.


When you work with Sight & Sound Productions, you experience the difference that goes along with 30+ years of professional knowledge executing corporate events, AV production, concert production, and so much more. From large corporate seminars to small concerts, we’ve earned a reputation in the Jacksonville community for trustworthy team members, cost-effective services and creative expertise.


Your Outfit Should be an Extension of Who You Are

At risk of sounding like a clichè, it’s important to just be yourself. Colloquialisms aside, the opinion your audience forms will 100 percent include how you present yourself.


  • The attendees came to hear from you, not a fancy, nervous version of you. The clothing you wear should feel familiar and increase your confidence. If there’s a possibility you’ll be self-conscious while presenting, you need to choose something different.
  • While the outfit you choose is a clear reflection of your personality, there’s a possibility the microphone used for the event will be a literal extension of your outfit. Ask the event host if a lavalier microphone will be used.


You Have to Feel Comfortable to Look Confident

A good rule of thumb is that you should always dress as well or slightly better than the event attendees. We’re not telling you to wear a tuxedo or ball gown, but it’s imperative to appear professional and also look comfortable.


It’s tempting to wear brand new high heels or your favorite sports coat, but don’t let the accessories you choose be the bane of your presentation.


  • If you’re prone to overheating, wear a breathable dress shirt. Jackets look great, but no one looks or feels good drenched in sweat (especially under bright lights).
  • If your speech includes moving around on stage or the venue requires you walk up and down stairs, avoid choosing an outfit that makes you look ridiculous when walking. Stilettos may not be a smart option in this scenario.


Full service event production is our job, and that includes equipping the speakers with the knowledge to do their best.


Consult An Event Production Expert Before Stepping on Stage

We work diligently to make events of all sizes in the Jacksonville and Port Orange areas go smoothly. From the initial discussion stages to event clean-up, our focus is your comfort and confidence. Discuss the details of your event with a Project Manager to explore your production options.

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